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Company Parsian Paper

Parsian Paper Company has been registered under register no.183228 on 20 March 2001 in Tehran as a paper converting plant and in the same year this company has obtained the factory foundation permission from Semnan Mine & Industry Organization.
Parsian Paper Company in 2004 has obtained its utilization license from Semnan Mine & Industry organization with a production capacity of 16,500 tons per year for A4 production, this factory has founded in a 14,000 sqm land and constructed its administrative and factory building in a 7,000 sqm in "Eyvanakey Industrial zone" in Semnan province.

Introduction Parsian Paper Company

As a development plan in 2007 has installed few Business Optima Form machines and including some supplementary machines for producing different type of business form with production capacity of 5000 tons annually and again in 2008 had provided an envelope making machines that our cutting edge envelope making machine produces different types of envelopes including Dextrin, open plus, Peal & Seal, Latex & window envelopes with a production capacity of 300,000,000 envelopes per year.
Eventually in 2015 this company had decided to add exercise notebook to its basket products hence now production of fully automatic exercise book machine has been reached a capacity of 200,000 volumes each day.

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